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Business Ownership | Own Your Brand

Consider the below items when creating Brand Awareness.

  • Brands: Your ideal client might be in the market for a speciality product that your new business is creating. Should that product be your Brand? In some cases, Brands are a person and not a Product. Brands can be industry or location specific. Take the time to design a Brand that signifies your business.

  • Website: Should you hire a website designer? Is building a website time consuming? What does SEO actually do for my Brand Awareness? Take the time to understand the core concepts of marketing before you decide to build a website and go full throttle on Brand Awareness. Why? Because time is money and building something always starts with a solid foundation. Understanding the core concepts of marketing, operating a website, google ads, and email campaigns can be a major plus to driving SEO aka Brand Awareness.

  • Generals: Rome was not built in a day. Knowing your business goals and return on the investment can take time. When you embark into business ownership, pick your generals wisely. A successful business foundation starts with people you depend upon. Those individuals have skills that complement you and the business. Stronger the team, stronger the Brand.

  • Business Plan: Is it really needed? Having a plan is better than no plan. Carry a notebook, journal, or digital notepad around that is specific to your new business. While you are out in the world contemplating your Brand Awareness strategy, jot down Brands that stick out to you. Ask yourself, why did I buy something from XYZ? Was that logo really visible from the street corner? Keywords? Did I get lost in ads while looking for a car battery and ended up buying a muffler for a car I don't own? Anything is possible with the power of google ads and SEO. How do I locate XYZ via the internet? Did I have to really search for XYZ by social media only? How unique is my business? While you are contemplating the above questions, make sure you put some of those answers in the journal. This will help you brainstorm, create, and execute a solid business plan. Most importantly, you will have some sort of idea of your Brand Awareness when the Business Plan comes together.

  • Upfront investment cost: Invest in your own business before asking for others to invest. Take pride in your Brand, your Business, which is your Investment. Successful business owners understand the trials and tribulations of business ownership. The biggest advice we can provide to new business owners is.... sweat equity is very important to Brand Awareness. If you wouldn't invest in your own company, would you expect others to invest?

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